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Ishka Autumn/Winter 2015 Look book campaign

Had the pleasure of being part of the Ishka Autumn/Winter 2015 Look book campaign. I always love photographing for Ishka because the marketing and creative team involved is extremely passionate and fun to work with. For the AW look book photo shoot we had our regular team we have used in the past. Involved in our wonderful crew were, lovely models Dallas Jays from Scene models and new to the team, freelance model Marian Wolfe. Once again we also had hair stylist Carla from Bambi & Sammi, Make up artist Natasha Colvin, Visual Merchandiser Tomche and from the Ishka crew we had fashion stylist Dusty, and from the marketing team was Chris and Deana. Over the 10th and 11th of February, our crew set out for a two day location shoot on a beautiful farm in Lyonville in country Victoria.

An early Tuesday morning start of 7:30am and a fun two-hour road trip with Natasha and Marian, landed us in Lyonville around 9:30am for Day One. We met the rest of the crew at our amazing accommodation and shooting location at Babbington Park Farm and the lovely owner, Rachael, greeted us. The farm is set on 23 beautiful acres of rolling hills and we had free range to use any area for the photo shoot. After an initial briefing, we all set about our respective tasks for preparation and at 11:00am we were ready to start photographing, and would focus initial on the autumn collection. For our first location we chose to shoot in the 1800’s shearing shed and as it was quite dimly light inside, I used my portable strobe lights to balance the harsh sunlight from outside. I positioned Dallas and Marian on some haystacks and Tomche styled a few Ishka products around the girls. After capturing two separate looks we then had hair and make up alterations in preparation for our second location.

We decided our number one priority was to get the cover shot for the Autumn Lookbook so had arranged to meet Rachael with her lovely horse in the main paddock at 1:00pm. As it was mid-day the sun was positioned right above us and extremely hot, so it was a bit challenging not to mention we were working with an animal! I was afraid the fill light from my reflector would annoy the horse but he seemed more spooked by the sound of my camera shutter, however got used to it fairly quickly and was pleasant to work with and photograph. Dallas was very happy she got to ride the horse and both models did a wonderful job working with him, and after an hour shooting we had our cover shot for the Autumn Lookbook.

For the rest of the afternoon we moved around to various locations on the farm, shooting the rest of the Autumn look book. During the afternoon we took photographs around the farm cottage, which was actually our accommodation for the night. We were told the cottage was an original church from the Lyonville village and had been relocated to the farm many years ago and just recently renovated to accommodate guests. The cottage created a great setting for a comfortable and cosy atmosphere in shots, perfect for the ‘autumn’ look we were aiming to achieve. To end our first day of production we took some amazing sunset images with views down the paddocks and accompanied by two horses, which

turned out to be my personal favourite shots

and will be featured in the Winter 2015 Look book.

Day two was an 8:30am start for breakfast and the models had hair and make up preparation with Natasha and Carla. At around 9:30am we captured a few close up jewellery shots amongst the front garden flowers and also took a short five-minute drive down the road to capture two winter looks in the nearby forest. As we had to vacate the farm at 11:00am we decided to have an early lunch break and had a nice picnic. The team then pilled in our cars and after a ten-minute drive down the road we found a great location in Trentham.

The afternoon was spent photographing women’s fashion for the Winter look book in various locations, which even included setting up camp alongside a country railway line. By 2:00pm we had captured all the looks we needed and then set off home back to Melbourne.

Overall the Ishka AW 2015 Look book photo shoot was a huge success, as we were able to shoot amongst some stunning scenery and all the crew were extremely committed to the project. From the massive two-day photo shoot we had 5 makeup/hair changes, 18 outfit changes for each model and used 13 different location settings. I can’t thank my amazing crew enough for an outstanding job and both Ishka and I are very pleased with the end result.

Below are some images from the Autumn 2015 lookbook, which is featured online now, and I will share the Winter 2015 lookbook once it is released shortly.

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