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Based in Melbourne Sophie and her team at Pantomime Photography are ready to create outstanding visuals for you. Creativity is our core and Sophie our talented photographer will meet the diverse needs of businesses, with client satisfaction being our number one priority. Sophie believes the best creativity often is the result of team effort and values working closely with her clients.


Pantomime Photography specialises in fashion, beauty and commercial photography while providing sharp, striking photographs for use in advertising, catalogues/magazines, portfolios and websites. We value individuality and understand that each clients photographic needs will be different, making us passionate about connecting on a personal level with every client. It is important to Sophie that she maintains professional relationships with everyone she works with.


When collaborating with other creative’s in the industry Sophie is in her element. She will discuss with you to understand exactly what you are trying to achieve and what audience you are aiming to reach out to. The feedback she has received from past clients demonstrates her strong work ethic and desire to grow in her career. 


Pantomime Photography also offers pre-production services and advice, whether you require assistance with Art Direction or set and prop styling for your custom designed concept. If you require assistance with talent scouting Sophie also has many alliances with professional hair stylists, make up artists, models, wardrobe stylists and graphic designers. Pantomime Photography also offers location-scouting services and has a range of sites on offer to fit your needs. 


Sophie is very organised with her approach to deadlines, and takes into consideration budgetary constraints. She is an advocate of clear and prompt communication between herself, and her clients no matter how demanding the project. The turnaround time of final images is also fast and proficient.


Pantomime Photography is willing to work with any individual who has a story to tell. Whether Sophie is shooting for companies or individuals, her aim remains the same: to produce an image that conveys a unique vision for the client and their brand. If you have a concept or theme that you would like to develop/discuss or want to book your next session please feel free to contact us for availability and rates. 





Fashion Photography

Beauty Photography

Commercial Photography

High End Retouching



//pre production services


Art Direction

Set & Prop Styling

Custom Concepts

Talent & Location Scouting

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