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Ishka advertorial for Girlfriend Magazine

2015 has started with a bang and I can’t believe that summer has already come and gone! I realize that the updates to the blog have not been coming at break neck speed, but that’s due largely to the fact that 1) a lot of recent work has yet to be put into play by my clients so I can’t release it yet, 2) it’s been a beautiful summer, so given the choice between sitting on my ass blogging during the little spells of downtime I do have, or taking my partner hiking/camping/adventuring/etc, well blogging loses. With that said however, I have been rather busy these past few months and over the next few weeks, I will endeavor to update the site with some recent work (both client and personal). I’m super excited to share with you, my latest work as I have had some amazing photography adventures and been lucky enough to travel to some wonderful destinations.

So to start off I thought I’d take a few moments and share with you a fun job I got to shoot in January with the Ishka team. The brief was to capture some advertorial shots focusing mainly on the Ishka jewellery, and the adverts were to be featured on the back cover of Girlfriend Magazine. On the day of the shoot I arrived at the Ishka head office with my camera gear in tow, ready to have some fun. Luckily we were blessed with lovely sunshine and an amazing garden location. As the creative team had already worked together previously on the Ishka Christmas Catalogue, the shoot ran very smoothly and wrapped after four hours. Hair stylist Carla Aloisio from Bambi & Sammi and make up artist Natasha Colvin did a beautiful job and overall we had two outfit/look changes.

As the jewellery was the main focus of the shoot, I didn’t want the images too complicated, as space needed to be left for text and the Ishka logo in the end product. When photographing I chose simple backgrounds that would complement the colours in the jewelry and because we had such great natural light, I just balanced the lighting with one small round silver reflector.

Overall Ishka was really pleased with the end result and two of the final images were featured on the back covers of the March and April issues of Girlfriend Magazine. Throughout January Ishka also ran a regional TV ad that featured some of the images I photographed during the Christmas Catalogue shoot in Beechworth late last year.

The Ishka crew is an amazing team to work with and I have a few more Ishka projects to feature soon, so stay tuned!


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